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Plain Jane is a Cannabis brand that specializes in offering premium hemp flower products, CBD oils, and topicals. Collaborating with over a dozen local farms, they ensure the finest quality CBD and CBG products.

Boasting a customer base of over 75,000 individuals across the United States, Plain Jane is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and affordability of CBD hemp products

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1. The Problem

The cannabis industry faces digital marketing challenges due to legal variations. Social media and paid platforms often censor CBD-related ads, leading CBD businesses like Plain Jane to rely on organic traffic in a competitive landscape. To enhance their SEO strategy, Plain Jane sought the expertise of a team.

Before approaching the team, Plain Jane's cannabis website struggled to rank in crucial areas. Despite being experienced CBD suppliers, their homepage failed to attract potential customers searching for CBD flower and related terms. Recognizing the potential for improvement, the team analyzed the website and suggested strategic changes to enhance online visibility and keyword rankings.

The team understood the importance of knowing the target audience to boost Plain Jane's traffic. They identified high-value CBD keywords, studied user journeys, and devised an aggressive on-page and off-site strategy to appeal to the customer base and improve search visibility.
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 2. The Solution

Backlink Services
We started with a backlink audit of Plain Jane’s website to evaluate the quality and diversity of their backlink profile. We found their web presence was being dragged down by toxic backlinks on spam websites.

As part of our SEO package, we divorced Plain Jane from these links, restoring the rightful authority of their online web presence, paving the way for our on-page optimizations and cannabis website design to function as planned.
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Professional Link Building
With paid media ruled out, the team recognized the need to revamp our search engine optimization strategy. We shifted our focus towards contextual, industry-specific link building.

By actively reaching out to publications centered around medical marijuana, CBD, and general wellness, we acquired over 200 valuable links for Plain Jane's site.

This effort not only established them as a prominent figure in the CBD field but also bolstered their site authority and online visibility significantly.
Industry-Relevant Keyword
The team conducted extensive research to identify relevant, high-value keywords with the potential to attract organic traffic and potential customers through search engines.

Leveraging our proprietary software, we executed a range of on-site changes to enhance the topical depth and relevance of Plain Jane's content.

These on-page optimizations were integrated into blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages, ensuring that all web pages were refined to cater to search engine crawlers and users alike.
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Professional Marijuana Website Design

In the realm of web design, our team of UI/UX experts identified key areas where Plain Jane could enhance the user experience on their online store.

To kickstart our cannabis website design strategy, we focused on the homepage, incorporating a captivating hero image, concise sales copy, an appealing logo design, and a prominent call to action.

We also ensured seamless viewing on smartphones and mobile devices by optimizing their storefront. Crucial to our marketing approach was crafting a professional website that catered to potential customers and search engines alike.

Each piece of original copy not only targeted relevant keywords but also streamlined navigation for an optimal user experience.

3. The Results

By using effective strategies like acquiring high-authority links and optimizing their cannabis website, Plain Jane experienced impressive and lasting outcomes.

Since starting their SEO campaign, their website traffic more than doubled, and they consistently appear in the top search results for important keywords.

The changes made to their website also positively impacted their overall performance. They saw increased user visits, page views, and better website speed scores.

Plain Jane now ranks on the first page for various competitive keywords like CBD flower, CBD hemp flower, hemp flower, and CBD cigarettes, which can be quite expensive to target in online advertising.
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