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Drive Growth and Success for Your Contractor Business with SEO

Increase Leads, Revenue, and Security

Partner with Click Impact SEO for more leads, revenue, and sales growth to secure the long-term success and future of your home services business.

Digital Edge

InWith our expert SEO solutions, you can position your business for online success by surpassing competitors who neglect search marketing.

Superior ROI

Our SEO agency delivers superior ROI by targeting customers actively searching for your home services. With tailored strategies, we help capture qualified leads and drive sustainable growth.
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Build Your Brand: SEO for Your Contractor Business

About Our Services for Contractor Companies

Measurable results

At Click Impact, we understand the unique challenges that contractor businesses face when it comes to building an effective online presence. By working closely with you to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO initiatives, we provide valuable data-driven insights and tailored recommendations that help you make informed business decisions.

Our holistic approach to SEO ensures that we don't just focus on short-term gains, but rather on developing a sustainable, long-term solution that delivers results over time.

Campaign Experience

As a contractor, you need an SEO partner who understands your industry and can help your business thrive online. At Click Impact, we bring a wealth of experience working with contractors nationwide. Our team of SEO specialists is passionate about delivering tailored, data-driven strategies that help your business grow sustainably, increase revenue, and achieve long-term success.

Whether you're an established contractor or just starting out, our team has the expertise to help you achieve your online goals and drive meaningful results.

Enhanced online reputation

Achieving a top spot on Google search results through SEO is a powerful way to establish credibility and foster trust with potential customers for your contractor business. Studies show that consumers tend to trust businesses that appear at the top of search engine rankings, and being visible in these positions can significantly improve your brand's reputation.

At Click Impact, we specialize in developing SEO strategies specifically for contractors, designed to help your business achieve a higher search ranking and create a strong, positive impression on potential customers.

Better Business, More Conversion

By leveraging the power of SEO, your contractor business can attract high-quality customers who are actively searching for your services. Our contractor SEO marketing strategies are designed to create inbound marketing channels that build a customer base who appreciate and value your expertise.

This results in a stronger and more successful contractor business, as these customers contribute to your long-term success. By focusing on SEO, you can position your business as an authority in your industry, and increase your chances of attracting loyal, repeat customers.

Contractor SEO Services

Gain Visibility for your Contractor Business with SEO

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Content + On-Page SEO

We refine on-page SEO elements, optimizing content, keywords, and meta tags for search engines and users.
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Technical SEO
We improving site performance, speed, indexability, and mobile-friendliness, and more.
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We excel in strategic link building, securing high-quality, authoritative backlinks that amplify your online presence.
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Strategy + Research

We conduct thorough research and develop unique SEO strategies for each website enabling you clients to reach their target audiences.
Smart. Better. SEO.

Contractor SEO Marketing

Partner with Click Impact to take your contractor business to new heights of online success. As a team of specialists with a unique blend of industry experience and technical expertise, we offer more than just SEO services.

Our comprehensive approach includes dedicated account management to ensure you receive personalized attention and tailored strategies that meet your specific needs.

With Click Impact, you'll benefit from a holistic approach to online marketing that drives sustainable growth and establishes a powerful online presence for your contractor business.

Real People

We believe in providing a personal touch to all of our services, because we succeed when our clients succeed. You'll be working with US-based people who knows what it takes to reach the top.


We get it: you want to see results. So do we! Because of that, we prioritize conversions and lead generation efforts so you can see the ROI. 


We believe that SEO is an art, and we've become experts in that art form. This allows us to provide unparalleled depth of knowledge, solutions, and exceptional results.

Future-Proofing SEO 

SEO is a sustainable, long-term solution. We take a holistic view of your website and online presence, rather than focusing on short-term gains or isolated tactics.

 Client Integration Process

Introduction Call via Phone or Zoom

-If potential fit, we move to stage two.

Internal Strategy + Proposal Creation

-If signed: we onboard, get credentials, etc.

1st Month

-Integrate into system, get to know each other.

Monthly Calls, Progress Reporting

1-2 Calls per month, weekly updates.
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Contractor SEO FAQ's

How can you help my contractor business?
We have worked with several contractor businesses implementing search engine marketing, from Florida to the West Coast. Check out some of our case studies.

Tracking performance data from our successes with various contractors is important to us, so we know what works. We have years of experience with SEO, and as one of the most technically proficient agencies in the USA, we know how to turn your website into a serious lead generation source. Our lead engineer has over 10+ years of experience in SEO, and has worked on several campaigns in the home services industry.

Our founder has extensive experience in the roofing industry, as a home improvement consultant and estimator. Our team, and founder has experience in windows, siding, decking, and painting.

We provide SEO for the contractor industry with genuine care for and experience in the industry.
Why does SEO take time?
SEO is a long-term investment that yields sustainable growth and success for your website. While short-term strategies like paid advertising can provide immediate results, they require ongoing payments to maintain traffic. In contrast, SEO compounds over time through continuous effort, monitoring, and refinement. The interplay of content creation, domain authority growth, long-tail keyword benefits, improved user experience, brand recognition, network effect, and competitive advantage work together to enhance your online visibility, search engine rankings, and organic traffic.

By consistently and strategically investing in SEO, you can experience the compounding effect and achieve long-term success for your website. Don't settle for short-term gains when you can build a solid foundation for your online presence with SEO.
Is SEO different than buying leads from Angies List, Home Advisor, etc.?
By relying on third-party platforms such as Angie's List and Home Advisor, you risk losing control of the leads and the brand recognition that comes with them. In contrast, SEO helps you generate organic traffic and leads directly through your website, putting you in control of your brand and your customer relationships.

At Click Impact, we employ a comprehensive approach that leverages psychology, technology, skill, and creativity to transform your website into a powerful lead generation tool, increasing your brand value and setting you apart from competitors. With our strategy, you can showcase your expertise and unique offerings, and build a lasting brand that generates consistent leads and growth.

Partner with us to achieve long-term success in the contractor industry through a tailored SEO strategy designed specifically for your business. Contact us today to learn more.
How do you target keywords that my customers use?
An effective SEO strategy involves a combination of reverse engineering your competitors' success, understanding audience search intent, and utilizing the right suite of tools. By analyzing the top-ranking websites in your industry, we can identify their targeted keywords, content, backlink profile, and social media engagement to gain insight into their strategies. This allows us to replicate or improve upon their tactics, providing your website with a competitive edge.

Furthermore, we focus on identifying your audience's search intent, which can fall into four primary types: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial investigation. By understanding your audience's needs, we can create relevant content that addresses their search intent, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

At Click Impact, we know that learning from your competition and catering to your audience's needs are crucial to optimizing your online presence and achieving the desired results for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how our SEO services can help your contractor business succeed.