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Moving & Storage SEO

We Get the Top 15% of Moving and Storage Companies Organic Leads, and More Revenue.

More Leads, Revenue, and Sales

We use in-depth keyword research, and competitive analysis to help Moving and Storage companies own their own leads and gain organic visibility with SEO and search engine marketing.

Competitive Advantage

Utilize smart SEO strategies to improve your moving and storage business's online presence, getting ahead of competitors who don't use these tactics and catching competitor already investing in SEO.

SEO and Better ROI

Using our vddexperience, we will grow your moving and storage business. SEO delivers better returns on investment compared to traditional advertising by funneling customer demand towards your brand and website.
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SEO Services for Moving & Storage Companies

Trackable Progress

With SEO, you can easily track and analyze your efforts, helping you make informed decisions for your moving and storage business.

We carefully monitor and evaluate your SEO campaigns, providing data-driven advice and personalized suggestions to make the most of your marketing efforts.

First-Hand, Industry Experience

Our team's blend of professional and personal experience in the moving industry enables us to create tailored SEO solutions for foundation repair businesses.

By combining our passion and expertise, we deliver data-driven strategies that drive growth and success.

Enhanced online reputation

Customers trust companies that appear at the top of Google search results, as Google ranks them for a reason.

A higher position implies credibility for your moving business. SEO tactics aid in shaping and enhancing your online reputation by promoting positive content, tackling negative feedback, and highlighting your proficiency and client satisfaction.

Consequently, SEO contributes to building a solid, favorable image of your moving and storage company, attracting more customers and ensuring lasting success.

Better Business, More Conversion

By focusing on Roofing SEO and targeting users actively searching for your services, you're more likely to attract better customers.

These potential clients are already interested in the specific roofing services you offer and have a higher likelihood of converting into actual customers.

By directing market interest to your website and brand, you'll create a loyal customer base that appreciates your brand and values your expertise.

Moving & Storage Business SEO Techniques

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Content + On-Page SEO

We refine on-page SEO elements, optimizing content, keywords, and meta tags for search engines.
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Technical SEO
We improve behind-the-scenes site performance, speed, indexability, mobile-friendliness, and more.
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We excel in strategic link building, securing high-quality, authoritative backlinks that amplify your online presence.
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Strategy + Research

We conduct thorough research and develop unique SEO strategies for each website, enabling you to reach your target audience.
Smart. Better. SEO Marketing.

Moving and Storage SEO

We offer a comprehensive approach to online success for home services companies.

We're more than just an SEO agency - we're a team of specialists who blend our industry experience with top-tier technical expertise to deliver unparalleled results.

If you're looking to take your home services business to the next level, partner with Click Impact to build a powerful online presence and drive sustainable growth.

Real People

We succeed when our clients succeed. Based in the US, we're real people who genuinely want the best for our clients and believe in providing a personal touch to our services.


We prioritize conversions and effective lead generation because we understand that our clients want to see results. Impactful results = more money for your business.


We provide unparalleled depth of knowledge, solutions, and exceptional results for our clients through our unwavering focus on providing SEO expertise.

Future-Proofing SEO 

We develop sustainable, long-term SEO solutions by taking a holistic view of your website and digital presence, rather than focusing on short-term gains or isolated tactics.

 Client Integration Process

Introduction Call via Phone or Zoom

-If potential fit, we move to stage two.

Internal Strategy + Proposal Creation

-If signed: we onboard, get credentials, etc.

1st Month

-Integrate into system, get to know each other.

Monthly Calls, Progress Reporting

1-2 Calls per month, weekly updates.
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Moving Business SEO FAQ's

What is your experience with Moving and Storage and SEO?
We helped an Oklahoma City-based increase their organic traffic by 410% in 6 Months. Before working with our agency, our moving client had been paying for nearly every lead. They were utilizing platforms like HomeAdvisor and Angie's without investing in their website to generate leads. A lot changed after a year of SEO. Check out some of our work with other movers on our our case studies.

Our lead engineer has over 10+ years of experience in SEO, and has worked on several campaigns in the roofing and home services industry.

We also have years of experience with SEO, and as one of the most technically proficient agencies in the USA, we know how to turn your website into a serious online lead generation source.
When will I see SEO results?
We generally estimate SEO results to appear within 6 months to 1 year. Though some sites may see growth sooner, SEO is a long-term endeavor. Pairing it with paid ads can yield immediate outcomes, and the two work well together. The gym analogy is fitting for SEO – initial progress might be subtle, but it compounds over time.

Providing an exact timeline is difficult due to various factors, such as your budget, service area, website's age and strength, competition, and more.After assessing these aspects, we can offer a more precise expectation of ROI, akin to a contractor's project completion estimate.

We provide monthly reports that highlight your SEO campaign's progress. With patience, a great company, and a solid sales team,
Is SEO different than buying leads from Angies List, Home Advisor, etc.?
Angie's List and Home Advisor might present prospects seeking moving services, but there's no assurance they'll select your company. Since these leads come via third-party platforms, they're not genuinely yours. On the flip side, SEO generates organic traffic and leads straight from your website.

Our strategy turns your site into a dynamic lead magnet by blending psychology, technology, finesse, and inventiveness.This not only elevates your brand value but also sets your moving business apart from rivals. Building your brand and generating leads through your website allows you to highlight your expertise and unique offerings, instead of competing solely on price.

This approach avoids a price-based race to the bottom often seen with traditional lead generation services.
Should we work with you?
SEO is a vital aspect of any modern business, and we work with companies who understand this, or are willing to.. Our approach emphasizes long-term, sustainable growth through search engine marketing, as opposed to temporary paid ads. Although we do manage paid-ads, we believe in the long-term, enduring nature of SEO.

We carefully select clients who share our commitment to quality, value customer service, and provide excellent services to their customers.

Our pragmatic and grounded approach helps us drive increased lead generation and revenue for moving and storage companies. We are highly selective about the clients we work with, ensuring a perfect fit for both parties. Our partnership is dedicated to elevating your moving and storage company, and together we can create a lasting impact that drives your business towards continued success.

Let's build a future-proof business together that owns its lead source and shows up when customers need it most."