We guarantee to increase your revenue by 30-40% with SEO + PPC,
or you don't pay

As Google Premier ad specialists, we increase revenue for top roofers and home service contractors with a 1-2 punch of paid-ad management and SEO.
We guarantee results, or your money back.
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Contractor Struggles:

Unreliable Lead Generation

Inconsistent leads? Reliant on Home Advisor, or don't own your own lead gen system?

A lot of SEO and ad management is low ROI, and don't drive revenue and give you the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

Low Traffic and Low Conversion Websites

Is your website not getting the same level of traffic as your competitors?

Your website should be your best salesperson, optimized to give value to your customers, create leads, convert customers and bring consistent revenue.

Agencies with No Industry Experience

How many agencies have actual home improvement experts behind the scenes? Almost none.

There are plenty of generic agencies out there, and few have roofing and contracting industry experience, while also being specialists in both Search Engine Marketing.

Why Choose Click Impact?

Contracting Experience

We are actual licensed contracting professionals. Our CEO is a licensed contractor consultant with 10+ years of experience.

We know home services from being in the trenches, and from behind a computer.

Google Recognized

As Google Premier ad managers, our paid-ad team is recognized by Google as being in the top 1% of all ad managers in the country.

If Google themselves says we know our stuff, we probably do!

More Than Marketers

We aren't marketers or advertisers that "Do SEO", or offer SEO and PPC as an up-sell.

We are a team of computer scientists, SEO strategists, and paid-ad specialists. Search Engine Marketing is all we do.



Hear from our clients

headshot of a man

"We are now America's fastest growing roofing company! I would highly recommend his professional services to any company interested in working with Click Impact SEO.

Cliff is a genuinely great person who aims to take care of his customers.”

Sam Frank - CEO - Four Twelve Roofing
Baltimore, MD
Recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing roofing contractor in the United States
headshot of a man

“Cliff has been with us since our early days, helping us plant our first seeds as an online company. From sales, strategy, and of course, SEO, their team has been a huge asset. In our niche, SEO is everything. We've been able to scale the past 2 years in a highly regulated and competitive market. You're in good hands with Click Impact”

Joshua Mezher - CEO, aPotforPot.com
San Francisco, CA
Emerald Cup winning 6-figure e-commerce brand for home grow kits, cannabis education, and cannabis advocacy

“As a veteran, I'm a bottom line guy. We wanted to get away from Angie's list, Yelp, and Home advisor, and decided to invest in SEO and Ads. They had clear plan of action, and executed. They took care of everything online, and did what they said they would.”

Albert Hudson - CEO -Fresh Coat Painters
Central Valley, CA

Multiple seven-figure residential and commercial painting franchise
Technical SEO Experts Baltimore

“They are dedicated to our success and are a thoughtful sounding board when we run ideas by them - sometimes on ideas and projects that are tangential to our main SEO project with them. Also, I love that they allow for shorter-term contracts compared to the usual 1-year contract with other SEO companies. Lastly, they deliver on their promises.”

Therapy Group of DC
Brad Brenner, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO of Therapy Group DC
Our Process

Trust The Process

1. Discovery Call

An initial call to meet, get acquainted, discuss your business, and see if we are a potential good fit.

2. Proposal

We initiate an audit of website health, traffic, rankings, and competitor research. We develop a data-driven forecast on what is needed for SEO success

3. Kick-Off Meeting

This deeper dive is to get more familiar with your business, your ideal customers, and your sales system, so we can create tailored SEO/PPC strategy that aligns with your long-term goals.

4. Keyword Research

We look at the keyword landscape of your market, vertical, and location. We create a plan for which to target first, and assign tasks to our team.

5. Technical SEO +
On-Page Optimizations

We do a deeper core web vitals analysis, assessing site speed, errors, and site architecture. We begin the actual on-page website changes you may visually notice.

6. Monthly Deliverables + Campaign Optimization

We plan our monthly meetings to go over deliverables and rankings. As the campaign continues, we focus on different optimizations depending on your business, website, and market.

What's Actually Included?

An overview of what you receive, and what to expect when you start a campaign

Road Map

We provide a digital 'Road Map' to set expectations, and get you ready for your SEO journey.

Road Map Kit

•Data-backed keyword research and content cluster suggestions.
•A technical SEO audit with identified errors and fixes.
•A site speed audit and web development plan.
•Backlink analysis and outreach suggestions

Full Scope of Work

We provide a document explaining in the full scope of our SEO work. From technical SEO, spam content, content, and beyond. This document will make obvious how truly comprehensive our SEO campaigns are.

Description of Services

Similar to the scope of work, this document is a detailed breakdown of each of the services that are available to you as part of your campaign. While all of these services can be used, you won’t necessarily be seeing them all every month.

Account Manager + More

We provide you:
1. Account manager
2. Dedicated SEO specialist
3. Dedicated content writer
4. Monthly reporting
5. Annual business reviews

Keyword Research

We send deliverables breaking down what keywords are valuable, how you stack against your competition, and areas of opportunity.

Rankings by Competition

We compare your rankings to your competitors, and provide a comprehensive document that shows how your rankings compare to theirs.

Search Volume Data

We provide a document based on keyword research around the how many people are searching for valuable keywords related to your business.

Keyword Discussion

We schedule a kickoff call, to discuss in detail the landscape of your current keyword standings, ask questions, and discuss potential paths to success.

Technical SEO 

We examine your website's architecture, code, plus  scan for technical errors to reveal areas for site improvement.

Website Crawl

We 'crawl' your website in a similar way to how Google does, to identify site errors and other areas of opportunity.

Core Web Vitals Report

We create a comprehensive report that shows technical errors, examines your website's speed, URL's, and gives us an overall understanding of your website health.

On-Page SEO 

We identify and report potential 'on-page' issues, such as images being too large,
user-experience design problems, and potential conversion rate optimization opportunities.

Website Code

As a team of computer scientists and web developers, we'll take a look at your website's code to determine areas of inefficiency. This will be an area of continued focus throughout your SEO campaign.

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Access Request

When launching professional SEO or Paid-Ad services, we will need access and permissions to your website, Google Ads Account (for PPC), other important platforms.

Website Access (required)

You will need to provide us with either an admin account, or create one for us. We need this for hosting, registrar, and the website itself. We provide a form for you to fill out to provide this data.

Google My Business (highly recommended)

If you have access to this platform, you will need to grant us access so we can begin optimizing. We provide a form for you to fill out to provide this data.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console (Optional)

If you have access to this platform, you will need to grant us access. We provide a form for you to fill out to provide this data.

Other Web/Social Media Properties (Optional)

If you have access to any of your business listings (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.) or social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), please grant access to each of those properties.

SEO Strategy roadmap by Baltimore SEO Company
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SEO Case Studies

Plain Jane
High authority link building services results data
200% increment in organic traffic
keyword ranking in serp
Therapy Group of DC logo
Therapy Group of DC intro
SEO growth data screenshotPage ranking improvement data

PPC Case Studies

Case Study of clientGoogle Ads Summary resultSEO services result screenshot
Solar panels general case studyGoogle ads resultsSEO services result screenshot
HVAC Heat Installation Repair-Service Case StudyGoogle Ads Service Baltimore resultsSEO services result screenshot

"I had a great experience working with Click Impact SEO for my plumbing/construction company's (CCL USA) online marketing needs. The team was easy to work with and took care of everything without much intervention needed on my part..."

Darnell R.
CCL USA, Jessup, MD

"The Click Impact team helped develop our website at Vranic Homes here in London, Canada. Specifically we developed our website copy, UX and social media management. Easy to work with."

Nicole N.
Vranic Homes, London, ON, Canada

“My remodeling company in Savannah, GA has seen significant growth. Easy to talk to, great customer service, and I learned alot of cool SEO things ! Their expertise in SEO and online marketing helped our business grow and  stand out in a highly competitive industry. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to optimize their website and run effective paid ads. Thank you Click Impact SEO!””

Nicole O.
Carrol Construction, Savannah, GA

Who is Click Impact SEO?

Headshot of Click Impact SEO CEO Clifford Hudson

Cliff Hudson


Cliff founded Click Impact by combining two of the things he knows best; SEO, and Contracting.

Headshot of Click Impact COO Erin Lau

Erin Lau


As an operations expert, Erin has a passion for systems, and making peoples lives easier through organization

Headshot of Arman

Arman Advani

SEO Specialist

A life-long skateboarder and poker player, Arman is a long-time SEO specialist.

Frequently asked questions

How does SEO work?
SEO is like a comprehensive home renovation that involves both remodeling the interior and updating the exterior. By enhancing your website's content, layout, and design, you create a modern and comfortable atmosphere, similar to updating the interior design, furniture, and accessories in your home. This makes your website visually appealing and user-friendly, which leads to higher search engine rankings and increased traffic.

Additionally, just as improving your home's exterior involves landscaping, repainting, and repairs, SEO also includes optimizing your website's structure, fixing broken links, and ensuring a responsive design. This not only enhances your site's appearance and functionality, but also makes it more attractive to search engines and users, leading to more conversions revenue.
How does SEO compound over time?
SEO compounds over time, with several factors contributing to this compounding effect:

1. Content accumulation: similar to adding rooms or features to your house, increasing its value and appeal to potential visitors.
2. Domain authority growth: this resembles the reputation your home gains in the neighborhood as you consistently maintain and upgrade it.
3. Long-tail keywords: these short keyword "phrases" are less obvious, but are like fixing small, hidden issues in your home that, when addressed, improve its overall functionality and attractiveness.
4. Improved user experience: this can be compared to enhancing your home's layout and design, making it more welcoming and comfortable for guests.
5. Brand recognition and loyalty: mirrors the admiration and trust people develop in your well-maintained property, leading to word-of-mouth recommendations.
6. The network effect: akin to forming strong relationships with neighbors and contractors, who then help promote and support your home improvement efforts.
7. Competitive advantage: like having the best-looking, most functional house on the block, which becomes increasingly difficult for others to surpass when you consistently invest in renovations and upkeep.

In summary, SEO's compounding effect is similar to ongoing home improvement projects, where consistent effort and investment lead to increased value, functionality, and recognition over time.
How long should I invest in SEO?
Imagine your SEO campaign is a home improvement project. You've achieved a beautiful result, but does that mean the work is done?

Like maintaining your dream home, SEO requires continuous effort to:
-Address new competition
-Compete with rival strategies
-Adapt to ranking factor updates
-Respond to consumer behavior changes
-Promote new products or services

A reliable SEO partner will help you navigate these shifts and fine-tune your approach to maintain success.
How do you target keywords?
Reverse engineering competitors' success, using the right suite of tools, and understanding audience search intent are key components of an effective SEO strategy.

1. Reverse engineering competitors: We analyze top-ranking websites in your industry to identify their targeted keywords, content, backlink profile, and social media engagement. By understanding their strategies, we can replicate or improve upon them, giving your website a competitive edge.

2. Search intent of the audience: We focus on four primary types of search intent: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial investigation. By identifying your audience's search intent, we create relevant content that addresses their needs, driving engagement and conversion rates.

In summary, learning from the competition and catering to your audience's needs are vital for optimizing your online presence and driving desired results for your business.
How long does SEO take?
Providing a definitive answer is challenging because it relies on several factors, much like the timeline for a renovation project. The aggressiveness of your campaign, which is dictated by your budget, greatly influences the time needed to achieve noticeable SEO results, as does your service area, the age and strength of your current website, your competition, and other considerations.

Once we evaluate all these factors, we strive to give you a clearer idea of when you can expect to see returns on your investment, similar to a contractor estimating the completion date for a home improvement project. Additionally, we offer monthly custom reports that showcase the progress of your SEO campaign, like progress updates from a renovation team.

These ranking reports will correlate with the amount of quality traffic we bring to your site each month, ultimately demonstrating the effectiveness of our work, much like a beautifully renovated home reflects the skill of the remodeling team.
Why does SEO take time?
Unlike short-term strategies like paid advertising, which can yield immediate results, SEO requires continuous effort, monitoring, and refinement. Once you stop paying for ads, traffic stops too. SEO compounds over time as the interplay of content creation, domain authority growth, long-tail keyword benefits, improved user experience, brand recognition, network effect, and competitive advantage work together to enhance your online visibility, search engine rankings, and organic traffic.

The longer and more consistently you invest in SEO, the greater the compounding effect, leading to sustainable growth and success for your website.
What is the value of SEO?
SEO is an invaluable strategy for businesses as it concentrates on capturing and monetizing the existing demand from potential buyers. It essentially expands a brand's mental and physical presence in a market, targeting search terms with high buyer intent.

During the exploration phase of search, people sift through their options, becoming 'hot buyers.' Although paid-ads can be utilized to entice users to visit a site, data shows that a larger proportion of users scroll past ads and click on organic listings.  

Achieving a high rank in organic search results makes potential customers assess their options and ultimately proceed with a purchase or enter a lead generation funnel. A strong presence on search engines is vital in the competitive world of SEO, and modern business in general. At the core of business is the game of attention and memory recall that strives to keep customers engaged, gather their information, and leave a lasting impression.

However, SEO frequently receives a smaller budget compared to other marketing avenues. While other brand marketing and direct ad campaigns, such as TV, can be effective, allocating more resources to SEO can lead to truly astonishing results.

By recognizing and embracing the significance of SEO, businesses can boost their visibility, enhance customer engagement, and propel growth.

In summary, SEO's value is derived from its ability to tap into the existing demand from search engine users and transform it into tangible business results.
Can you get fast results?
To an extent, yes. SEO audits and changes offer early wins. Technical SEO changes can lead to fast changes, while content creation, optimization, and link building take four to six months for long-term organic search outcomes. Domain history, competition, keyword landscape, and industry shifts affect success as well.

As we say, SEO is a future-proofing strategy. It's an investment in the future that compounds over time, best used for businesses looking for long term longevity, ready to cement their presence as a serious player online.
Should I do SEO, run PPC ads, or both?
The age-old debate.

Choosing SEO, PPC, or a mix of both is like weighing the merits of home remodeling versus immediate maintenance and fixes. Both are likely needed, but at different times for different reasons. For businesses, striking a balance between enduring SEO techniques and specific PPC ads is vital, especially when budgets are tight, to ensure a well-rounded online marketing approach.

A good way to think of this is that your website is your digital home, and SEO is your home improvement.

Marketing Agency vs. SEO Agency: Aren't they the same?
SEO is a highly specialized field, and partnering with a dedicated SEO marketing agency is essential for achieving optimal results. General marketing agencies that offer search marketing solutions, along with other digital marketing services, can be compared to all-in-one home renovation companies. While they provide a range of services, their approach to SEO might involve using miscellaneous tactics instead of devising comprehensive, sustainable strategies that fully harness the power of SEO. They aren't experts in one thing.

Nearly 70% of all general marketing agencies outsource their SEO to specialists. You wouldn't want your roofer doing your plumbing, just because they can, right?

A search engine optimization agency specializes exclusively in SEO, akin to a home renovation specialist who excels in their specific field. Dedicated SEO service providers possess accurate insights acquired from handling an extensive range of search optimization campaigns across numerous years.