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The award winning personal injury law firm, Daniel Kim Law Offices, boasts a stellar reputation for its exceptional legal services across Southern California.  

Their expertise in securing maximum compensation and favorable settlements for their clients is unparalleled.

With a remarkable track record and 14 strategically situated offices, they specialize in advocating for victims of motor vehicle accidents.

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The Problem

Personal injury law is an intensely competitive field, both in terms of organic rankings and paid search advertising. In Orange County, where personal injury firms are willing to invest between $50 and $500 per click, the stakes are high, especially with over 46% of clicks being directed toward the top three paid ads. Gaining traffic through organic rankings can be an arduous task, particularly in saturated local markets.

In the past, due to the exorbitant costs associated with competitive ad auctions in the personal injury space, paid media wasn't a viable option for The Law Offices of Daniel Kim. Furthermore, their online presence was limited, making it challenging to attract qualified traffic through local searches. Recognizing the need to bolster their local SEO endeavors, the Law Offices of Daniel Kim sought a solution to enhance their website traffic.

Our team understood that by focusing on local citations and geo-targeted link building, we could significantly enhance their online visibility, allowing them to outshine competitors in Southern California-based searches. Additionally, recognizing the limitations in the Law Offices of Daniel Kim's website design, we knew that a more conversion-focused UI/UX could lead to remarkable improvements in overall site conversions.
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The Solution

Backlink Consulting Services
Click Impact initiated an expansive link building and digital PR campaign with a strong emphasis on geographic-specific objectives. Our outreach team successfully procured a remarkable total of 147 backlinks in the personal injury and legal field. We didn't stop at just acquiring high-quality backlinks with a Domain Authority (DA) of 50 or higher; we went a step further to secure links with geographic anchor texts from renowned California-based publications such as the University of Southern California and CSU Fresno.

These high-quality links played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall keyword rankings and performance of the Law Offices of Daniel Kim in Southern California-based searches. The impact of these backlinks was profound, significantly elevating the site authority of the Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

As a result, they achieved coveted page 1 rankings for more than 150 high-value keywords within their local search market. Click Impact's high-authority and geo-targeted link building strategy proved instrumental in transforming their online presence and search visibility.
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Content Strategy & On-Page Optimization
At Click Impact, our editorial team took a proactive approach by crafting supplementary blog content to enrich the site's topical authority and provide in-depth value to both users and search engines. In tandem, we harnessed the capabilities of our proprietary software to fine-tune landing page copy, ensuring it resonated with high-value keyword searches.

But we didn't stop there. Click Impact went the extra mile by incorporating geographic language, physical addresses, and prominent city names into on-page content optimizations. This strategic move was aimed at ensuring that Google's crawlers recognized the site's content as highly relevant to all searches related to Orange County car accident lawyers.

The culmination of these efforts was nothing short of remarkable. By the end of our campaign, the site not only ascended to the top of organic rankings but also earned the coveted position as the top choice for "Orange County car accident lawyer" searches. Click Impact's commitment to content enrichment and keyword optimization played a pivotal role in this remarkable achievement.
Local Citations
Click Impact undertook a meticulous local citation audit, meticulously scrutinizing business listings for incorrect information, duplications, and inconsistencies. The aim was to rectify these discrepancies, ensuring the trustworthiness of the Law Offices of Daniel Kim's structured local citations in the eyes of search engine crawlers. This process was pivotal in increasing the site's presence in local search results.

By rectifying and enhancing existing listings and establishing new citations across a broad spectrum of navigational, national, and local directories, Click Impact significantly elevated the visibility of the Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

Notably, this enhancement extended to Google Map Pack rankings, enhancing their positioning in these highly coveted results. Additionally, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for location-based searches on mobile devices witnessed a notable boost, further underscoring the success of our local citation enhancement efforts.

Click Impact's dedication to this vital aspect of the campaign played a pivotal role in the Law Offices of Daniel Kim's amplified local presence and mobile search performance.
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UI/UX Optimizations
We conducted a comprehensive page experience audit, seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of the user pain points encountered while navigating the Law Offices of Daniel Kim's website. Armed with these insights, we embarked on a mission to enhance the website's overall user experience with a keen focus on conversions.

Our approach involved a wide range of sitewide improvements, encompassing alterations in information architecture, strategic placements of call-to-action (CTA) elements, font and color adjustments, and the implementation of a chatbot for real-time user support. These conversion-centric enhancements had a profound impact, leading to a remarkable upsurge in page views, with an impressive growth of nearly 200%.

Moreover, the website's PageSpeed Insights (PSI) score witnessed notable improvements, guaranteeing faster load times and a more seamless page experience for site visitors arriving via organic search. Click Impact's commitment to enhancing the user experience not only bolstered user engagement but also contributed to the website's overall performance and the satisfaction of its visitors.

Technical SEO for Sitewide Translation

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim takes pride in serving a diverse clientele, catering to English, Spanish, and Korean-speaking communities throughout Southern California. Recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience for all, Click Impact implemented hreflang tags, a powerful technical optimization strategy, to ensure that website visitors arriving from search were directed to the versions of the website that aligned with their language preferences.

This strategic move was particularly crucial for Korean and Spanish-speaking visitors to the site. Click Impact's objective was to ensure that language barriers did not deter them from engaging with the website, even if its content was predominantly in English. The impact of this technical optimization was striking, resulting in an 18% increase in new sessions and a notable reduction in the overall bounce rate.

Click Impact's commitment to multilingual SEO enhancements not only ensured that users received content in their preferred language but also significantly improved user engagement and the overall effectiveness of the website, demonstrating our dedication to a user-centric approach.
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Click Impact's relentless pursuit of high-quality, geographic backlinks from industry-specific publications within the legal and personal injury space had a transformative effect on the Law Offices of Daniel Kim's online presence. In just a few short months, we managed to elevate the site's domain authority significantly, which, in turn, accelerated the visibility of this relatively new website in search results.But our efforts didn't stop there.

Click Impact's comprehensive local optimizations played a pivotal role in enhancing the site's rankings for hundreds of high-value location-based keywords. This strategic move enabled the Law Offices of Daniel Kim to surpass major local competitors in location-based queries, firmly establishing them as a prominent player in their niche.

Since the implementation of the sitewide UI/UX improvements and technical SEO optimizations, the Law Offices of Daniel Kim witnessed an astonishing 105% increase in conversions across the site. What's even more impressive is that the benefits of Click Impact's work continue to manifest months after the conclusion of the link-building campaign.

Click Impact remains dedicated to providing ongoing consultancy and guidance to the Law Offices of Daniel Kim as they expand both their brick-and-mortar offices and their overall online presence. Our commitment to long-term success and growth is a testament to the enduring value we provide to our clients.
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