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Case study for B2B Client Ranking with Link Building and Conversion-Focused Design

In the realm of cloud contact center solutions, Bright Pattern stands out by enabling mid- and enterprise-size businesses to elevate customer experiences across a spectrum of communication and messaging channels with unprecedented speed and ease.

Pioneering technological innovations and staying abreast of market trends in communication, Bright Pattern channels significant investments into research and development, aiming to bring these cutting-edge advancements to customers and partners worldwide.

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The Challenge

Upon collaboration, Bright Pattern identified the need for a transformation in their online presence. Despite possessing a marketable and cutting-edge software technology, their website design and keyword rankings lacked the innovative spirit inherent in their solutions.

At the start of their campaign, the existence of numerous lead capture forms scattered across the site posed a challenge, leaving them devoid of a systematic approach to tracking user intent.
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10 Points to Success

 1. Content Strategy
Bright Pattern provides cutting-edge cloud contact center solutions, empowering mid- and enterprise-sized businesses to enhance customer experiences seamlessly across all communication and messaging channels, in a faster and more efficient manner than ever before. Positioned at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends in communication,
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2. Backlink Profile
We were confident that a highly-scaled backlink acquisition strategy was essential to achieve page 1 rankings for valuable keywords for Bright Pattern. Through white-hat, targeted outreach to trade publications with an editorial focus on technology, business, software, and entrepreneurship, we successfully generated over 775 contextually relevant links for Bright Pattern, with a third of them originating from referring domains with a Domain Authority (DA) of 50 or higher.
3. Page Speed Improvement
During our codebase review, we identified multiple issues with how landing pages were created, benchmarking their PSI scores at 20 on mobile and 40 on desktop.

In the new landing pages we created, our developers followed best practices and high-quality coding standards to achieve PSI scores of 80 and above for mobile and desktop.

We also migrated the site away from its old DigitalOcean droplet environment to an enterprise-grade hosting environment with fast servers, automatic daily backups, one-click site restores, a CDN, and automatic site reviving.
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4. Site Architecture and Page Rank Distribution
Comprehensive deep-crawls of the site's internal linking profile unveiled that the existing architecture disproportionately distributed PageRank towards lower-value pages. In our site redesign strategy, we devised plans to re-architect the landing pages and internal linking profile.

The objective is to optimize PageRank distribution, redirecting it towards landing pages that can effectively rank and attract qualified traffic, ultimately leading to conversions and valuable deals for the company.
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5. On-site SEO Tags
We discovered problems with the onsite tags used throughout the Bright Pattern site. In many cases, the powerful "rel canonical" was misused, preventing critical pages from being properly indexed.

Additionally, we found numerous web pages with title tags that were either duplicate, missing, or under-optimized.
6. Markup
Bright Pattern had not incorporated any markup, such as reviews, FAQs, company information, or social media profile bookmarking. By introducing schema markup to the site, we assisted search engines in better comprehending Bright Pattern's content.

This not only enhanced the brand's visibility but also resulted in more comprehensive search results, ultimately leading to higher click-through rates (CTRs).
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7. Content Optimization and Landing Pages
Utilizing our proprietary content optimization tools and strategy, we identified that Bright Pattern's landing pages, despite having long-form content, were not well-optimized for the high-value keywords they targeted.

By incorporating essential Focus Terms—words and topics our software deemed contextually relevant to their keyword targets—we enhanced the quality of Bright Pattern's landing pages for both users and search engines. This optimization effort resulted in significant improvements in rankings.
8. Conversion Tracking and Lead Attribution
Prior to their campaign, Bright Pattern’s lead capture forms didn’t allow the team to clearly delineate the source of the leads , whether Facebook ads, email campaigns, or referrals.

Improving lead attribution allowed the growth team to understand the economic value of these traffic sources’ increased revenue opportunities, so we created a lead scoring system for Bright Pattern to better align resources to continue growth.
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9.  Site Reliability and Stability
Bright Pattern's site was initially hosted on a single DigitalOcean droplet and required alignment with devops best practices. Acknowledging the necessity for an enterprise-grade hosting environment, we migrated Bright Pattern to a more robust solution.

This new setup included daily site backups, self-healing servers, streamlined provisioning and removal of developer access, and a distinct staging environment separate from production. This migration not only enhanced the site's reliability but also facilitated a more efficient collaboration for developers, enabling rapid contributions to the site.
10. Page Speed Improvement
Upon analyzing bounce and conversion rates, it became evident that Bright Pattern's legacy HTML design was suboptimal for conversions and did not portray an enterprise-level organization effectively, necessitating a redesign.

The revamped website played a crucial role in distinguishing Bright Pattern as a modern and advanced software company with cutting-edge technology, setting them apart from their peers.

Leveraging Google Tag Manager and custom JavaScript tracking pixels, we monitored user engagement on the site and utilized the gathered data to craft a more strategic, conversion-focused web design with improved UI/UX.

The Results

Thanks to our concerted efforts and data-driven strategy, Bright Pattern has witnessed remarkable improvements across all key performance indicators (KPIs) since the inception of their SEO campaign.

The most noteworthy and profitable metric has been the impressive 121% increase in goal completions sitewide, prompting the client to commit to an annual campaign.

Our primary objective of securing top SERP placements for numerous high-value keywords was successfully achieved. Bright Pattern now enjoys rankings on pages 1 or 2 for over 75+ industry-specific keywords in the call center, contact center, and virtual call space, with CPCs ranging up to $888.

These elevated keyword rankings are directly translating into higher-quality leads, increased demo bookings, more consultations, and substantial revenue growth.
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